Kawairun 2

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Published on 2013-03-12 18:19:35

Kawairun 2 - New game of skill where you must guide the main character in a fast obstacle course.
Obviously you have to make sure to avoid him the fall over. If you liked the first episode of Kawairun, here is the second episode, more fun. The principle remains the same as before: the character must go as far as possible, through a variety of obstacles. Press the up arrow to jump, and the arrow for low rolling on the ground. This is the flash game you ve always secretly wanted! Do you want to dress a chicken costume or use other idiots and challenge the computer or your friends, or strangers around the world in a race? Then this is just the game for you! Do your warm-up exercises (finger) and then start running at breakneck speed in the many settings offered by this fun flash game! Although not particularly love action games surely this will be the exception that proves the rule! Try!


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